“Staying the Course” when Disruptions Interrupt

This Month’s Topic: “Staying the Course” when Disruptions Interrupt
The beginning of a new month brings a new topic to explore. This month’s topic – “Staying the Course” when Disruptions Interrupt– is valuable when building a sustainable, scalable business We will explore how to stay focused on your priorities and still deal with the disruption.

“Staying the Course” when Disruptions Interrupt

As entrepreneurs, we often hear that we should stay focused, set goals, and be productive and efficient to achieve success. But reality inserts disruptions into our carefully planned, efficient approach to our business and our personal life. I’m writing this at the beginning of August -a month that inserts disruptions into our business life and personal life simply because of its location in the calendar cycle. In the US, August is the last month of the traditional summer months. People are trying to enjoy the waning days of summer before the arrival of cold weather and snow. They squeeze in vacation time before kids go back to school. And then there is the disruption of back-to-school activities – supply shopping, clothes shopping, scheduling medical exams for kids in athletics, squeezing in last-minute dental and doctor appointments, and more.

How do you stay focused on your business and your mental and physical health when the multitude of disruptions pop up, especially during August? This series of articles offers tips and resources to help you keep your eye on your business as well as enjoy all that August has to offer.

Revisit Your Goals

The starting point is to revisit your goals. Assuming you set annual goals, review those goals. (If you have not set annual goals, set at least one goal for the year.) Now step back from the long-term aspect of your goals and think about what you can do in the short-term (month of August) to continue moving toward your goal.  Write down at least one specific step (but no more than three specific steps) you can take during the month to move towards your goals. Focus on these specific steps. When you achieve those steps, write down one more – or three more. When you achieve those, repeat the process. The clear specific step combined with a limited number of steps helps you focus, take forward action, and feel that you are making progress even though disruptions will occur.

Practice Self-Care

Each post in this series offers a tip to help you stay focused on your business AND a tip to help you take care of yourself. This post’s tip is to Practice self-care. You need to be in top shape to have enough energy to handle disruptions and still focus on your business. Do things that keep you motivated and energized. Getting enough sleep is incredibly important to not only having energy to carry you through your day, but also to keep your mindset and perspective positive. Eat nutritious food. Engage in activities that you enjoy and benefit your physical and mental health. Make time to simply enjoy the days of summer. Arrange your schedule so you can spend time with your family.

Staying focused during disruptions is a skill that takes practice. Be patient with yourself. Keep implementing these tips and ones that I’ll share with you in the next three posts. Commit to consistently improving your ability to stay on track even when disruptions arise. 

If you need help, schedule an Executive Coaching session with me. A small investment in yourself can produce a huge benefit for your business and your personal life.

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